Do You Know What the WMA Can Do for You?

Do You Know What the WMA Can Do for You?

Just recently we discovered our states WMA (Wildlife Management Area). A state organization the helps you to get outside with your family, sponsoring many different activities. Spending time outside with your kids is probably one of the most rewarding things you can do. For many of us were not sure where to start or what exactly to do. I know I’d like to try fishing or maybe try out a boat. Where can those of us who grew up without that outdoor enthusiast uncle go to learn more about the outdoors?

The WMA is a great resource. I feel like we’ve been missing out on a lot of great opportunities right in my back yard. Our WMA has everything from places in our area to fish to hunter education, boat registration and environmental health. Just recently we were in the North Georgia mountains and the WMA was having a Fishing Rodeo. The stock the local river with trout and help the kids (and adults) learn to fish. They also offered fly tying classes, archery and disk shooting. It was a great day and it was all free.WMA, fly tying

I love to learn new things. The Wildlife Management has great learning opportunities for everyone. They have boaters and hunter education courses, tree climbing, archery and even shooting programs. One of my favorite is the BOW  Program (Becoming an Outdoor Woman). Along with great educational programs they also offer Kids Fishing Days and Outdoor Adventure Days. There really is something for everyone. The website has a calendar of upcoming events and it is constantly being up dated with new  and fun things to do.

Outdoor, women. WMA

If you’re a hunter or want to learn about hunting, go no farther. The WMA has can help you out with all your questions. Need to get your license? No problem. Looking for a Hunter Safety course? Got cha covered. They even have a list where you can practice your shooting and archery skills. Now that your ready to head out for your first tom, check the WMA web-sight to figure out where to hunt. Once you’ve bagged your first tom head back over to the web-sight to print off your “My First” certificate.

Don’t worry anglers and boaters the WMA has you covered to. The web-sight provides public fishing areas, boat ramp locator and places to go fish like small lakes and reservoirs. Now that you know where to fish you need the gear. The WMA provides a Tackle Loaner Program where you can borrow for free (yes I said Free) a pole and stocked tackle box. Once you’ve caught that monster head back over to the web-sight to name that fish.

fishing poles, WMA

The WMA has something for everyone. The information that the WMA web-sight has is enormous. You could spend hours learning all kinds of new things. The WMA is a great resource that should never be overlooked and I, for one, will keep handy.



Have you checked out your states WMA? Whats your favorite program they offer?


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