5 Camping Dinners My Teens Won’t Go Without

5 Camping Dinners My Teens Won’t Go Without

We learn a long time ago that camp food doesn’t have to be fancy; just easy. Easy is a word that with three teens, doesn’t get used lightly. So when all three of my kids say they like something and it eazy…….hot damn I just struck gold! These are our five favorite EASY camping recipes that we always take with us.

1.Campfire Crescent Dogs

Campfire Crescent Dogs

After making camp you want your first night’s dinner to be fun, quick and easy. You can never go wrong with Campfire Crescent Dogs. Get the recipe.




2.Cajun-Style Grill Foil Packs

Not only can you put this meal together ahead of time….It requires no dishes and clean-up is a breeze.  Get the recipe






                                                                                                                                                                      3.Campfire Corn and Mushroom Quesadillas

Campfire Quesadilla

This recipe is so easy and versatile. Use your favorite fillings and it could be for breakfast or diner. Get the recipe

4.Dutch Oven Sloppy Joes

dutch oven sloppy joes

There is something so heart warming about a Sloppy Joe. Either camping or hanging at the house, it definitely ranks as a comfort food. Get the Recipe

5. Tacos in a Bag

Walking Tacos

These are the BEST!!!! I means really….How can you get any easier and they are just plain fun.  Get the Recipe

These are my go to recipes when we go camping. They are easy and fun and all my kids enjoy them.

What are some of your “Go-To” camping recipes?



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