8 Apps that Make for a Super Camping and Hiking Experience

8 Apps that Make for a Super Camping and Hiking Experience

As much as I like to disconnect, sometimes you just have to be connected. In the world that we live in now, it is almost dangerous not to have some sorta instant media. So I’ve decided to take advantage and use it to help make my outdoor experiences great!

I was actually surprised to find how many apps there were for the outdoor enthusiast. There are apps for GPS, camping lists, mapping your hikes, picking your camp site and weather. I can plan, execute, and deliver a camping trip in minutes. I’m thinking this is pretty great! No Stress = More time with the kids…..

Before we can even decide where were going we need to check the weather. An afternoon shower is ok, but we just made it through Tropical Storm Irma and I don’t wanna try that in a tent!


Accuweather App is one of my favorite apps. I find myself looking at it even when were not camping. It’s has a minute by minute localized precipitation. Current weather conditions updated every 15 mins along with the ability to store unlimited locations. I really love the Push Notifications in case of severe weather. And now they have updated the app with future radar, so now you’ll know the weather while planning next months camping trip.

There are a couple of different app that I like to consult when it time to start looking for a place to pitch the tent. I like to have options when I’m looking for a place and I need detailed information, especially when the kids were little. You don’t wanna be driving down a mountain at 10 o’clock at night because the baby just blew out the last diaper and the nearest store is 20 miles away. Ask my hubby!!!!

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R.V. Parks and Campgrounds is a great app especially for families who may need close amenities or for folks who like to be just far enough away to be just close enough. This map has everything from camping and R.V sites to private or military and even KOA and Jellystone parks.  You can also find camping stores like Bass Pro, and REI along with rest stops and dump stations. There is also a list of travel centers like the Flying J. If you have kids or your traveling you must have this app.

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For a straight up camp site app or if you’re looking for a site at a state park, Reserve America is the app to go for. The app breaks down pretty nicely with the ability to look for a site by area or name, facilities and amenities are available along with what features they offer. You can get photos of the camp ground along with directions and when your ready to choose your site you can make reservations right on the app. You’ll site will be waiting for ya when you arrive.

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Now for you all out super campers The Dyrt App is the one for you. This has become on of my personal favorites You can look for camp sites first by deciding on what state. Then it list the sites National Forrest, Corp Of Engineers, National Recreation Area. I trust the reviews because they are posted by the campers along with pictures of their trips. Along with Campground reviews it has product reviews and a great informational blog. If that’s not enough for you sign up to receive their Outdoor Inspiration & Tips or join one of their contests. This is a yummy app!

Now that we know where were going, what are we going to bring? No worries this next app is perfectly organized for all you type “A”ers and easy enough to use for all my unorganized friends out there.

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Camping Checklist App is really a no brain’er. It’s easy to understand and you can add, change or cut items on your list. A great feature is that you can upload it to share with other folks. Now there’s no questions about it….we know who forgot the mustard!

Don’t worry we haven’t forgotten you Hikers. There are lots of great app for the Hiking enthusiasts. These apps are so diverse that you almost cant pick just one…

camping appsAll Trails app. Yup it’s just what the name suggests. All trails all the time. With over 50,000 maps available this app is a must have for the next time you hit the trails. A community app, you look at reviews, pictures and rating from a community of millions. Turn you phone into a GPS tracker so you don’t get lost, find that perfect trail to take Fido on and then log it for next time. Set your goals and record your personal bests then share them on Social media with family and friends. If that’s not enough they even have directions that will take you right to the trail head. OMGish!!!!

camping appsViewRanger Trail and Maps is the BOMB of all apps. 2017 Best Outdoor App Elevation Outdoors ,Best New Outdoor Tech in 2017 –Backpacker magazine, trusted by 300 Search & Rescue teams. Download offline topo maps, you can see your GPS location on the saved maps without cell coverage. Use the Skyline feature and pan the landscape using your Android’s camera. Skyline identifies over 9 million peaks, places, lakes in the world. Bonus: When following a route, see direction arrows and navigate to points on the real landscape. This app does so much I could write an entire post on it!

Quoting the Boy Scouts of America “Always be Prepared”. Now that I have kids I don’t think that phrase is even possible. I don’t think that the term “Over Prepared” with kids is possible. All that I really know is that I can try to be ready as possible but I learned a long time ago that you have to expect the unexpected. Like when your husband fall off his bike and roll down a hill full of pricker bushes….Calling all Tweezers….

camping appsThe Offline Survival Manuel can help ease some of those unprepared for worries. This app is chalk-a-block full of what to do when a “what-if” happens. This is an incredible app to have. While the app itself is a little mundane the information it provides is literally life saving. This app goes beyond water, shelter and food. It goes into Flora and Fauna signaling and camouflage along with basic medicine and how to put a medical kit together. When the zombie apocalypse comes, I’m headed out with this app!

To quote Maria “These are a few of my favorite things” (you know you sang that last part…I did) There are so many apps out there and so many options. Hopefully I’ve given you a starting place so you can find the ones you like and can make camping memories…..


Go Paddlingcamping apps-Like to kayak or canoe? With over 25,000 spots you’ll be sure to find that perfect paddle!

Fishing Knots Step by Step color coded knots. Albright Knot to the Uni Knot, it’s in this app.camping apps


 All These Apps Are FREE!!!


What are your favorite Apps?


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    1. The R.V. Parks and Campgrounds is going to be a great app for you especially with a camper. You’ll even be able to find the perfect site to fit your camper. No more “back in sites” when ya want a “Pull through”……Good Luck and lots of fun….

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