Do You Believe in Bigfoot?

Do You Believe in Bigfoot?

When opportunity knocks you must answer. That was the case this weekend when my husband and I were able to get away without the kids for the day. Sometimes just getting out of the house with no destination rewards with the best adventures. We decided to head toward Blue Ridge Ga.

Just north of Ellijay is this small little town called Cherry Log. This is where our adventure begins. Off hwy 515 is an awesome little museum called Expedition Bigfoot. Yup that’s right! BIGFOOT! And we just hit adventure pay dirt.



Now whether you believe is up to you. I’ve heard the conspiracy theories and listened to all the nay sayers. I’ve also read, watched and listened to lots of supposed evidence of their existence. To me, in my humble opinion,  it doesn’t matter either way. A part of me hopes they do not exist, or better yet, they are never found. This way they can live in relative peace without the constant threat of every hunter out there , looking to make a buck, gunning for them. Live and let Live…..

But for those who live on the edge, who haven’t made up their minds, need to visit Expedition Bigfoot. This is a 4000 square foot museum dedicated to the evidence collected in the name of science hence the possible discovery of Bigfoot.  By no means is this the Smithsonian, but it is a place that will  make you stop and think, question what you’ve heard and hopefully leave with new insight and an appreciation that the possibility they do exist.


Expedition Bigfoot  Museum starts you off with a wall of fame. Credited scientists that have dedicated their lives to the search for Sasquatch, then a short film to warm ya up and you’re off the big stuff. They have collections from all over the US. Foot prints from California to the retired B.R.A.T. used in Florida by the famed bigfoot researchers BFRO. (yup…like the t.v. show) If those items don’t make ya question their existence, than take a look at the display from native american tribes that depict Bigfoot, going back thousands of years, on cave drawings.

Personally my favorite area was the sound booth. A collection of supposed Bigfoot calls. It was like playing name that sound. While you’re listening to these calls you mind is racing to figure out what animal is making these noises, while you heart is longing to comfort these haunting wails. You’re searching your memories trying to figure out if you’ve heard these sounds before and dismissing them into the night to a pack of coyotes or a barn owl.
What if you were wrong?bigfoot

Weather or not you believe, Expedition Bigfoot Museum is worth a go’round. There is a small fee to experience the exhibit and I will surely pay it to bring my kids back. Before you leave stop by the gift shop grab a stuffed Sasquatch and take a minute to look over their extensive reading library. I’m sure the museum would love to hear you Bigfoot story and so would I…….

Take a look at our adventure…


Have you heard a tree knock or a wail in the night you can’t explain?


3 thoughts on “Do You Believe in Bigfoot?

    1. It’s not a big museum, but it is so much fun. The owners are great and love to hear your stories and tell their own. The best part is there is no dumb questions with them.

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