How to Talk with a Potty Mouth to Mother Nature

Share List Beware…This post is full of Potty Mouth…. One of the biggest questions or concerns that most newbie campers have is what to do when nature calls. For those who have never taken comfort behind a tree, the idea can seem daunting, uncomfortable or just plain yuck. For many this could be the only […]

Awesome Gifts for the Mom who Loves to be One with Nature

Share List Mothers day is just around the corner. It’s a day when we celebrate all the wonderful things mom does for us. If your mom is the outdoorsy type she’s probably not the chocolate and flowers type unless it comes in a protein bar and wild flowers….. I thought I’d put together a list […]

The Best Camping Trips Are When the Kids Helps Out

Share List Looking back when my kids were little and we would go camping it almost seems overwhelming. The burden of all the responsibility was put on myself and my husband. I would take on the responsibility of planning and packing; The food, gear , clothes, toys, everything would be ready to go, stacked in […]

Don’t Buy that Tent!

Share List Stop…Wait….Don’t buy that tent until you have asked these questions. There are so many different types of tents out there it is hard to figure out where to start. Let’s start by asking a few questions. How many people will be sleeping in the tent? This is an obvious first question. The question […]

10 Things to Take Camping with Teens

Share List For any parent spending time with you teen can take an act of God. Trying to get them off social media has been compared to wrestling a chicken from an alligator. When you do finally get their attention most their answers are accompanied with an eye roll. So now it’s time to tell […]

Where Do I Start?

Share List Any journey begins with the first step. So you’ve decided to give camping a try. Your channeling your inner Survivorman; it’s time to disconnect from the the hustle of life and get back to nature. So now what? Every experienced camper has been exactly where you are. Figuring out what to do next, […]