Art in the Park with Civil War Re-Enactment 2017

Art in the Park with Civil War Re-Enactment 2017

The Civil War was an ugly fight. So many men lost their live trying to form this nation. Families torn apart, brother against brother, homes and part of a state burned to the ground. Our nation took its first painful breath with that first fatal shot at Ft. Sumter while President Lincoln refused to acknowledge the southern states as an independent nation.  With slavery dividing this country and fueling the war, Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation, freeing slaves in the southern sates, on January 1, 1863.

April of 1865 the Confederate Army finally conceded to the Union and laid down arms.  By this point the south was in bankruptcy half the nation lie in ruin and an entire generation of men were dead. It would take the next twenty years and an era known as Reconstruction for us to finally become the United States.

While it has taken to many years for our wounds to begin to heal from those battles, don’t let the 620K lives of brothers, sons, uncles and husbands sacrifices be in vain. This war took more lives than any other war in history. Their sacrifices gave this country the 13th Amendment that abolished slavery, the 14th Amendment guaranteed that citizens would receive “equal protection under the law,” and the 15th Amendment granted black men the right to vote.

People still have a long way to go in learning from our past mistakes. But we should never forget. War is ugly no matter what side you choose to fight for it’s what you do with the lessons learned from those who fought that will eventually heal this nation completely. These re-enactments serve as a way to remind us that we should strive to be, no matter our skin color, One Nation Under God!

I understand that this subject, especially here in the south, is a very hot issue. While I agree with the removal of many of our Confederate Memorial Statues, I disagree with the need to erase the print of the Civil War. I have issue with those who say it “Offends Me”! Good it should offend you; it offends me. Take that energy and do good. Be better today and be even greater tomorrow.

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2 thoughts on “Art in the Park with Civil War Re-Enactment 2017”

  • I agree with you, we shouldn’t sweep things under the carpet. The only way forward is to learn from the past. The civil war is a fascinating period of time and it looks like you had lots of fun at the re-enactment, I love your photos Thanks for sharing with us #adventurecalling

  • I share exactly the same thoughts on war. Although the memories of them are painful and certain motifs should rightly be removed, we shouldn’t remove every single memory of war. Like you say, the fact that the memory offends people is a good thing as it surely acts as a reminder why war should be avoided at all costs.

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