Did You Make the Right Decision When You Bought That Tent?

Did You Make the Right Decision When You Bought That Tent?

Stop…Wait….Don’t buy that tent until you have asked these questions.

There are so many different types of tents out there it is hard to figure out where to start. Let’s start by asking a few questions.

1.How many people will be sleeping in the tent? This is an obvious first question. The question should state; How many people will be sleeping in the tent comfortably? When you look at the side of the packaging it may show 4 people will fit across. That’s great if you don’t mind sleeping on top of someone, not to mention where will you store your gear? A rule of thumb when we look for a tent is if it sleeps two then its really for one person plus gear. A four person tent is two people plus gear.tent

2.Another great question should be how often are you going to use your tent? Are you planning on spending the summers at the lake, hiking the mountains in the fall or ice fishing for that trophy catch in the middle of winter? Maybe all three! Not only do tents come in different sizes they also come in different seasons. ¬†Really think about how often and what kinds whether you’ll be using your tent.

tent3.Tents not only come in different sizes they also come in different shapes. You have your lightweight hiking tent. Usually this is for one person, it’s lightweight and is easily put together. My favorite is the family cabin tent. It comes in 1 to 3 rooms and comfortably sleeps my family of 5 plus a friend or two. The center height easily¬† accommodates my husband’s 6′ frame and is easy to move around in. Another great tent is the dome tent. Is is much easier to assemble than a cabin tent and because of its dome shape repels wind and rain making it a very sturdy tent.


Some other things to consider when purchasing your new tent is do you need a rain fly a foot print? I always use seam sealer and re- waterproof the fabric before we hit the trail. Nothing worse than waking up at night with a drip to the forehead. .

There are so many different styles, sizes, and brands that it’s worth your time to do the research and ask the questions. Many of your large retailers are more than willing to help you with any questions. Remember this is an investment that should last many years.

What kind of tents have you been looking for?



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