Expedition Bigfoot Museum Blueridge Ga

Expedition Bigfoot Museum Blueridge Ga

Nestled in the foothills of Blue Ridge, Ga is an unassuming little museum known as Expedition Bigfoot.  Not paying attention you might actually miss it. Making a day trip, with my hubby, we headed up to Blue Ridge. After a small entrance fee, one of the owners greeted us and gave us a brief overview and some guidance on how to explore the museum.  What a great find. Any Bigfoot enthusiast would be in awe.

I loved the Native American folklore and they even had a movie to go along with it. A great history of the Native American Sasquatch lore. A totem pole, drawings, and costumes will round out the display giving you an understanding of how long Sasquatch lore has actually been around.

Now if you haven’t watched Finding Bigfoot on T.V. I don’t know how you could really call your self and enthusiast. No worries, the museum got ya covered.  The BFRO (Big Foot Research Organization) who are the commentators on the T.V. series has generously donated one of the expedition vehicles. The B.R.A.T (BigFoot Research and Tech) was recently retired from Central Florida. I would have loved to have been in the backwoods, 4 wheeling, looking for Bigfoot!

One of my favorite exhibits was the examples of possible fur sample. When you realize that you have hiked in the same area as the foot castings were found, will really get a chill down the spine. Rounding out the tour is a cozy library that you can sit next to a fire and read all about Sasquatch. Books from many different authors ranging from biologist to hunters, believers, and non-believers.  Ending our tour with an awesome t-shirt and “I am a Believer” car sticker souvenirs, we will defiantly be putting this museum on the must see again list.


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