Delicious Make Ahead Foil Breakfasts That Will Make Camping Easy

Delicious Make Ahead Foil Breakfasts That Will Make Camping Easy


Foil is to camping as Duct Tape is to home repair…. unknown


Blueberry Breakfast Bake

Terra Firma Adventures– This is one of our favorite camping breakfasts. Not only can you you use blueberries you can use strawberries, blackberries and my son loves it made with Granny Smith apples.


Egg Bake Breakfast

Julie’s Eats and Treats– This is a great starter meal. We love to add peppers, onion, mushrooms and even a handful of spinach to this bake. This is a quick make-ahead meal that is totally versatile.


Campfire French Toast

This Lil Piglet– This bake is out of this world. My kids ask for it even when were not camping. I love that it feed the whole family with minimal clean-up. Pair this French Toast with a parfait and breakfast is served.


Cheesy Potato and Sausage Bake

Who Needs a Cape– This is a great alternative for those who are not a fan of eggs in the morning. It’s still full of yummy goodness and you can add veggies or leave it as-is. Either way it’s a filling meal to get ya moving in the morning.


Breakfast Burritos

Taste and Tell– Breakfast burritos are the quintessential make-ahead breakfast. We have totally fell in love with adding taco seasoning and green chilies the way the folks over at Taste and Tell did with their burritos…….Awesome

If there is one thing I’ve learned camping with kids is to make every moment count. If there are thing that I can do to prepare in advance so that we do have more time, betcha I’ll find it. Besides I don’t want to be home slaving over a hot stove, I sure don’t want to be at a campsite slaving over some hot coals…..

What do you pack in your foil?

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