10 Ideas for Outdoor Love and Romance

Share List Valentines day is just a few short weeks off and many of you GUYS are still looking for that special way to show some love. You need something sweet and romantic, with no distractions from the kids. Somewhere you can be alone doing something you love and just enjoy being together. For all […]

Can Hiking Really Change Your Brain?

Share List No more excuses. There is now a medically necessary reason for you to hit the trails. Doctors have discovered that getting back to nature can scientifically reduce depression, anxiety and even reduce the symptoms of ADHD. ¬†We already know the physical benefits of hiking now were beginning to understand the mental benefits as […]

I Want to be an Outdoor Woman

Share List Taking my family camping or hiking or just getting outside with them bring me so much happiness. I’ve learned a lot over the years, especially having a Boy Scout, about wilderness survival. I’ve learned the fundamentals of camping and hiking. I’ve learned what gear to take, how much water you will need and […]

Have You Checked Out Your WMA

Share List Spending time outside with your kids is probably one of the most rewarding things you can do. For many of us were not sure where to start or what exactly to do. It wasn’t until just recently that we discovered our states WMA (Wildlife Management Area) What a great resource. I feel like […]

Don’t Forget About Your National Parks

Share List When you think of National Parks you immediately think of places like Yosemite, Yellowstone, or Glacier National Park. But did you know there are more than 412 parks covering more that 84 million acres across the U.S. and surrounding territories. With that being said I’m sure that you can find something to do. […]

National Get Outdoor Month

Share List For those of us who love the great outdoors June is our favorite month. Its National Get Outdoors Month. Started in 2008 as National Get Outdoors Day it encourages people (especially kids) to connect with nature and a healthy lifestyle. The day has evolved into a month of outdoor activities and many states […]