I’m In Love With My Poncho Towel From LOLL

I’m In Love With My Poncho Towel From LOLL

Every once in a while you come across a product that your not sure how you managed to live with out it. I’m in love with my wearable poncho towel for adults made by LOLL.

With a large family you appreciate thing that are multi functional, and if it looks good you’ve hit a bonus.  The LOLL poncho had become a great addition to my hiking bag. The breathable Turkish towel is fast drying, breathable and 100% cotton. A great feature is the plastic zippers along the sides.

No rust or jamming here! It also has a inside pocket with a plastic inner pocket that’s great for a cell phone or keys


There are so many way to use your LOLL poncho towel. Use it at the beach as a cover up. I love it for when we get off the lake and just sit by the camp fire. I keep it in my hiking bag. The multi purpose functionality of using it as a towel for drying off after swimming in that secrete swimming hole. Love it for a cover-up while the clothes dry after fishing in the stream. Never have a wet butt again, throw it open on a log and you have instant dry seating. The possibilities are endless.

Lara over at LOLL has tons of great ideas that go above and beyond. Love the idea for matching team ponchos. Design your colors, mascot and embroidery. LOLL has even come up with a monthly towel subscription.

Do yourself a favor and start your spring break, summer or first camping trip doing something for you. The LOLL poncho towel is versatile multi-functional and most important….it’s cute!

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