Can You Love Glamping Without Being a Camping Cheater

Can You Love Glamping Without Being a Camping Cheater

According to Oxford Dictionary, they add about 1000 new words to the dictionary each year. So when the word “Glamping” showed up, I was curious about the definition.

According to Oxford the definition of Glamping is “A form on camping involving accommodation and facilities more luxurious that those associated with traditional camping.” WHAT………. That seems like cheating to me.

Oxford Dictionary defines Camping as “The activity of spending a holiday living in a tent.”

Just the other night Tree House Masters actually did a Glamping Tree-House. While most of the carpenters enjoyed the experience of Glamping, one of them couldn’t understand the idea of it. He liked the idea of sleeping under the stars in a sleeping bag next to a campfire.  Of course in then end he was sipping Espresso and wearing a pretty robe.  glamping

So is Glamping really the cheaters way of camping? When you Google images of Galmping it shows luxury and decadence. Pretty tents with lights and smelly candles.  Beds with lush pillows and down filled comforters. Beautiful rugs with rocking chairs and baskets of wine and cheese. A set up straight out of a Pier One catalog. This seems like a lot of work to set up and take down. Wouldn’t you be spending most of your Holiday as manual labor? Can someone really appreciate the closeness of nature snuggled up with thousand count sheets….maybe!

When I think of camping it’s a way for me to unwind, disconnect and meditate. To me less is more. I love to go with my kids, set up a 10 min campsite and hit the trails or water. But there is so many levels of camping. You have backpackers, your true minimalist, so much so that their equipment is measured in ounces. Car camping is fun. Back your car into a spot, pop up a tent, pop a beer and kick your feet up. And the one that I’m most familiar with, Family Camping.  Great air mattress and cots for the kids, a two room tent and camp kitchen. There are many levels to camping. Were actually finding that the older we get the less we are wanting to take with us. The minimalist in us are showing us that less is stress free.glamping

Glamping is a way of Having Your Cake and Eating it to. While you’re not necessarily “roughing it” your still outside communing with nature….Just in Style. Not everyone is cut out to hike and camp the summit. I think it more important to make some connection than none at all. Glamping could be a way to ease some folks in to the world of camping. Appreciation for nature can be celebrated by anyone.  Some just prefer to celebrate with wine and cheese.



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24 thoughts on “Can You Love Glamping Without Being a Camping Cheater

  1. So what is glamping really? Glamping is a one-of-a-kind experience where you ’ll get to choose an extremely unique accommodation, pick an amazing backdrop and get ready for the experience of a lifetime – all without sacrificing even an ounce of comfort.

  2. Well I’ve tried camping and let me tell you that in Ireland its no picnic trying to stay warm and dry in a tent in the height of the rainy summers here. Give me glamping any day……….Horray for Glamping!

  3. Well I’ve tried camping and am definitely not into it in Ireland. Camping in Ireland is a challenge . Trying to stay warm and dry in the rainy summer months is a big ask. Bring on glamping…….Horray for Glamping!

  4. Haha I do agree that glamping does seem to be cheating but then again I am not much of a camper so I would prefer glamping. I like that you camp to meditate and disconnect though that is lovely x

  5. Um, glamper hands down! My husband always brings up going camping and my response is “there has to be a bathroom, shower, kitchen, etc”… so we have yet to go camping 🙂

  6. Hi there, I have tried camping and believe me its not that comfortable in Ireland with the cool air and the rain even in summer. I think I’m unashamedly a glamping sort of girl…..Bring on Glamping!

  7. Oh definitely, I not a huge wilderness person, staying in a tent, with no amenities to properly shower and take care of myself can be a bit of an issue for me. That’s why glamping is such an interesting concept. You get the camping and the unwinding associated with it but on the other hand you don’t sacrifice too much of your standard of living.

  8. Glamping seems like an interesting activity. But the thing is I cannot what to bring with me. I am definitely not going to carry my comfortable armchair with me in the nature 🙂

  9. glamping all day long :p its the best of both worlds//your still camping but you are more comfortable with everything you need! its like taking your comforts to nature! win win !….

  10. I love camping, and I’ve always wanted to try glamping. I’m not fussed by “roughing it” but I can’t say I’m averse to sleeping in a tent with a bed! I think we have a couple of glamping places in the UAE now, but they’re incredible expensive…something to save for trip I suppose

  11. I am not even going to lie– I am a scout leader for boys, cubs, girls, and venturing. My answer is, yes in a way it is cheating. But still fun and worth it!

  12. I love to say that we love to go camping all the time!! Except…. it’s totally glamping lol. In all the times that we have gone to spend a weekend outdoors like that, I don’t think I’ve ever actually “roughed” it. And I think that’s perfectly fine for everyone! Lol you can absolutely enjoy it that way!

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