I Want to be an Outdoor Woman

I Want to be an Outdoor Woman

Taking my family camping or hiking or just getting outside with them bring me so much happiness. I’ve learned a lot over the years, especially having a Boy Scout, about wilderness survival. I’ve learned the fundamentals of camping and hiking. I’ve learned what gear to take, how much water you will need and how to purify it. I’ve learned how to dehydrate food and how to store it so you don’t have critters in your camp at night. I’ve even learned what leaves are o.k. and what you might want to stay away from. This is all great…..and basic.

Now I want more. I want more for me, I want more so I can do more with my family with confidence. I want to be able to get outside and reap all that there is. Unfortunately my parents were not the outdoorsy type. They did not hunt or fish or camp so those skills were never passed down to me; so now I just need to learn how. And this starts my journey.

I think most of the time it’s just taken for granted that you will learn wilderness skill from some one you know. Maybe grandpa will take ya fishing or a big hunting weekend with dad on a friends land. But for those of us where those avenues are not available where do we go to find them. I decided that I needed a class that was geared toward women. I don’t need some Daniel Boone type calling me little lady while he’s attempting to teach me how to shoot.  I need a class where other woman, like myself, who will be taken seriously and taught with respect.

Next I decided to see what was out there so I Googled woman’s outdoor programs. What camp back was just sad. I found a few promising leads. One was Woman’s Wilderness. This looks promising. Not only to they support women they also support girls. They support self sufficiency, confidante and personal strength and if I lived in the southwest I’d be all over it. If you live that way, I would defiantly get in-touch with this group of women.

 Another great program I found was Diva WOW (Diva Woman Outdoors Worldwide). This looks good and it has a cool name. From what I got from the web-sight is they are big on shooting and archery with their main focus on hunting. They have clinics, leagues, and even go on hunts all the while empowering woman. The mission of DIVA WOW is to help, teach and support  women worldwide in a women friendly, non-threatening, supportive environment by introducing them to shooting sports and a variety of outdoor activities. I would love to look more in to this program but unfortunately they seem to be based in the mid-west. There is a contact for my area, but it was difficult to find and there was no web-sight.

Looking back at my post about the WMA I realized that each state offers a program called BOW (Becoming an Outdoor Woman). This program is all about empowering women. Giving them the skill and confidence to get out and go and do. They offer everything from shooting, tree climbing, fly-fishing even scuba. This is defiantly something I want to look into. It seem to be a one stop shop for all you outdoor needs…lol….This coming up November I planning on going to one of their 3 day clinics. I’m still debating on what classes to take, but I can’t wait to share what I’ve learned when I get back. Check with your states DNR to find your BOW chapter.

It was very disheartening that there aren’t more classes or organizations out there to empower women. The outside world seems to be geared toward men and it’s time women steeped up.

As a woman, what would empower you to go outside?


13 thoughts on “I Want to be an Outdoor Woman

  1. I’m so glad I found your blog! It’s right up my alley. As a female outdoor enthusiast myself, it’s awesome to see more women writing about their love of the outdoors. I look forward to reading more!

  2. I would do these camps in a heartbeat. I love the outdoors and I haven’t needed much prompting to get my kids outdoors either which is so nice! I love camping and am planning some camping trips either later this year or early next when my little guy is just a wee bit older (He is 17 months)!

    1. We would let our kids just roam as we followed them about. It was so neat to see the world through their eyes when they discovered something new or just followed a butterfly. You are in for an incredible time in your child life….enjoy and cherish

  3. I’m the sort of person who goes camping with a hairdryer and a hair straightener… But I love the outdoors, and I love ditching the make up and the heels from time to time. Thank you for sharing your experience and encouraging others!

  4. I want to be an outdoor woman too! I also want my kids to be nature children, I think it’s the one of the best forms of learning we can give them.

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