How to Have Perfect Camping Manners

Share List A couple of years ago, when my kids were little, we took a camping trip to Lake Allatoona. It was just the five of us and our little Jack Russell, Bacon. We had a great first night and set up. After diner and our traditional S’more we headed off to bed.  Things were […]

The Best Camping Trips Are When the Kids Helps Out

Share List Looking back when my kids were little and we would go camping it almost seems overwhelming. The burden of all the responsibility was put on myself and my husband. I would take on the responsibility of planning and packing; The food, gear , clothes, toys, everything would be ready to go, stacked in […]

10 Ideas for Outdoor Love and Romance

Share List Valentines day is just a few short weeks off and many of you GUYS are still looking for that special way to show some love. You need something sweet and romantic, with no distractions from the kids. Somewhere you can be alone doing something you love and just enjoy being together. For all […]

S’More What!

Share List What better way to end a day of camping than with a giant ooey-gooey S’moore.  On my search for the perfect messy treat , I came across a multitude of different recipes that I had never even of thought to of tried.  A waffle cone is no longer just for your ice cream […]

Help I’m Lost in the Woods! What Do I Do Now?

Share List No matter how old you are hiking is an adventure. It’s fun to go and relax and just be one with nature. I love to go on a trail and just see where it leads. Our number one rule when on a hike is You Never Leave the Trail. But on those rare […]

7 Tips for Cold Weather Hiking

Share List Hiking in the winter is not usually on my “to-do” list. But it really should be. With the holidays come the parties, shopping and food….did I mention food? It also bring all the craziness that comes with it. The Winter Time Blues. Maybe hiking should become a priority. There’s a saying “Take me […]

Do You Believe in Bigfoot?

Share List When opportunity knocks you must answer. That was the case this weekend when my husband and I were able to get away without the kids for the day. Sometimes just getting out of the house with no destination rewards with the best adventures. We decided to head toward Blue Ridge Ga. Just north […]

Can Hiking Really Change Your Brain?

Share List No more excuses. There is now a medically necessary reason for you to hit the trails. Doctors have discovered that getting back to nature can scientifically reduce depression, anxiety and even reduce the symptoms of ADHD.  We already know the physical benefits of hiking now were beginning to understand the mental benefits as […]

5 Camping Dinners My Teens Won’t Go Without

Share List We learn a long time ago that camp food doesn’t have to be fancy; just easy. Easy is a word that with three teens, doesn’t get used lightly. So when all three of my kids say they like something and it easy…….hot damn I just struck gold! These are our five favorite EASY […]

I Want to be an Outdoor Woman

Share List Taking my family camping or hiking or just getting outside with them bring me so much happiness. I’ve learned a lot over the years, especially having a Boy Scout, about wilderness survival. I’ve learned the fundamentals of camping and hiking. I’ve learned what gear to take, how much water you will need and […]