How to Have Fun Playing with Your Camping Food!

How to Have Fun Playing with Your Camping Food!

When it comes time to eat around at the camp ground you can usually find me at the camp kitchen, with my recipes, getting our aluminium foil packet ready or stirring the dutch oven soup or even making coffee to go with our omelettes first thing in the morning. Understandable, this is where you’d find most moms with kids.

But just because your camping, it doesn’t mean the you have to have food that comes in a freeze dried packet or that is  wrapped in albumin foil. It doesn’t mean that mom should be having all the fun in the kitchen. Why not have some fun with the preparation of your food.

We have been using these recipes on camping trips for years. The great thing about them is that the kids, no matter their age, can participate in fixin’ their meals……And mom gets a break!


No Mess Camping Omelets in a Bag

Throw some eggs, cheese and veggies in a ziplock bag…….You could even make this ahead of time.

Thanks to the folks over at Beyer Beware












Campfire Cinnamon Roll-Up’s

Why not treat your hot dog stick to a sweet treat! Wrap your cinnamon roll around your skewer and cook over the fire for about 5 mins.  The add that glaze….

Thanks to Jordyn over at Almost Super Mom



Walking Tacos

While this recipe does take a little pre-planning, it no less fun to eat.

Thanks to the folks over at Diabetic Living













Frito Pie in a Bag

This is one of those classic recipes that everyone loves. Now it portable…..

Thanks to the folks over at POW Tailgating














S’Mores in a Bag

What a great remake on a classic camping treat.

Thanks to Mique over at Thirty Handmade Days

S’More Campfire Cones

While this is another great twist on the classic, I’m rating it a #1 because it’s not nearly as messy.

Thanks to Ashley over at Frugal Coupon Living



Ice Cream in a Bag

Weather it’s a ht summer night or an evening around a campfire….Shake it up with some Ice Cream!

Thanks to Crystal over at Growing a Jeweled Rose

Camping is meant to be stress free. It’s meant to take your out of your comfort zone allow you to break loose. Play in the dirt, play in the lake, play with your food. Love camping and relax!

How do you play with your food?



14 thoughts on “How to Have Fun Playing with Your Camping Food!

  1. SO SO SO love all of these ideas. especially the smores and the chicken satay. PLUS ice-cream in a bag WHAT?!?!?! SO awesome.

  2. Brilliant ideas here!! I’ve pinned for future reference. Looking forward to trying S’More Campfire Cones. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Have you ever tried the banana boats for camping? You simply cut a slit on the peel of the fruit and stuff with chocolate chips and marshmallows. I also like to add peanut butter chips. Then you wrap in foil and toss into the skirt of the fire. They are so yummy!!!

    1. I’ve never been able to get those to work out :O( Either I burn the banana to get the chips and marshmallows melted or it’s all under cooked and mushy…. Do you have a secrete cooking technique?

  4. I am super excited to try the omelets in place of our usual cold, hard-boiled eggs the next time we go camping. Walking tacos are a go-to camping meal for us, although as a recently diagnosed diabetic, I prefer to make a taco salad and leave the chips out completely. We tried the campfire cones, but it didn’t work out for us: too big and we ended up with some burnt cones. My family prefers classic s’mores, but we buy amazing flavored marshmallows on etsy. Another easy breakfast we like for camping is overnight oats: For 4-6 servings, I use 2 cups rolled oats, 2 cups milk, 1-2 cups plain Greek yogurt, 1 tablespoon chia seeds, 1-2 teaspoons vanilla, cinnamon to taste, blueberries or other fruit, and sweetener of choice to taste. It can be made up completely ahead of time, or mixed up the night before at the campsite. I usually make it at the campsite but take pre-measured and mixed dry ingredients, pre-washed fruit, single serve organic milk cartons, single serve greek yogurt pots and a small bottle of vanilla.

    1. Iv’e seen the overnight oats all over the place and been thinking of trying them. I never thought of taking them camping before but it makes perfect sense. Doing an overnight-er next week. Going to make these up for sure……

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