How to Talk with a Potty Mouth to Mother Nature

How to Talk with a Potty Mouth to Mother Nature

Beware…This post is full of Potty Mouth….

One of the biggest questions or concerns that most newbie campers have is what to do when nature calls. For those who have never taken comfort behind a tree, the idea can seem daunting, uncomfortable or just plain yuck. For many this could be the only think keeping them from a great experience.

So lets start at the bottom…hehe… and realize that the big pink elephant in the room is that everyone does it. It’s inevitable, there’s not way to prevent it, Mother Nature will call on you at some point. How you respond it up to you. Let’s take a look at some of the ways to answer her call.

When you start looking at different campsites, comforts and amenities, for many, are top of the list. A nice bath house close to a site is always nice. Some of your more primitive sites have great outhouses with chemical toilets. But what if you need or want something a little more private?

Let’s start with a nice privacy tent.

tentsA great little tent that gives a perfect amount of privacy. Set it up a little ways from your sleeping arrangements for a quick fix in the middle of the night.


These privacy tents come in all different sizes. You can get fancy and have a two room tent, one for changing one for shower.



Now that we’ve pick our privacy tent lets pick our potty……




A folding potty is one of the simplest potty’s. Easy assembly, quick break down, minimal supplies, but in my personal experience it not very sturdy.




While we have no personal experience with this potty, I love the simplicity of it. Sturdy, portable, easy to clean the only down side could be that’s it’s a little bulky.




This is our potty of choice. While it is on the bulky side, you can’t beat it’s stability. I also love that it has a T.P. holder.



Now if you want to get really fancy this is the potty for you. A 5 gallon porta-potty with flush mechanism. This is perfect for you glamper!




Now whats a potty with out accessories….

potty                            potty                        potty


Let’s  not stop with camping. What happens if you’re in the middle of the woods on a hiking trip? Well if you’re a man, things are pretty straight forward, and if your like my boys this calling can become a sport! But for our women things can be a little more complicated and not ruining our shorts can become an art unto itself.

pottypotty potty

I’ll be the first to say how uncomfortable it is to be discussing personal hygiene with perfect strangers, but I don’t want to see someone not enjoying nature because of something so easily taken care of. While there are plenty of options and devices to handle your needs when it comes to technique, that is something that you will have to develop on your own. But I’m sure with a short search there are many people willing to share their ideas.

Why did the toilet paper roll down the hill?

He wanted to get to the bottom. …….hehe



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