The Helinox Camp Chair. For the End of a Day of Inspiration

The Helinox Camp Chair. For the End of a Day of Inspiration

After a long day of hiking your feet are sore your back hurts all ya want to do is sit down and enjoy the campfire with a cup of coffee. Thinking of sitting on a rock makes me want to pack my gear back up and head for the car. So I set out to find a hiking chair.

When looking I took into account weight, size, material, ease, comfort and stability. I finally settled on the Helinox Camp Chair. So lets start with specs:

Weight 2.7 lbs  (packed 2.9 lbs)Helinox

Capacity 319 lbs

Chair Size 22.8 x 23.6 x 33.1 in (w x d x h)

Packed Size 19.7 x 4.5 x 5.5 in

The Helinox Camp Chair come in a great sturdy bag with a handle attached to one end.

Opening it up the chair comes in two pieces. I like that they have assembly instruction printed on the chair.Helinox

The first couple of times attaching the chair to the legs was a bit of a wrestling match. But the material has stretched enough to allow easy assembly. The connections are very sturdy and I have no fear of tears.

The legs have a great feature that is they are corded together and flip or snap right into place. While assembly was great, handling the mass of disassembled poles, corded together, was a bit cumbersome. But I Helinoxwould take the trade off.helinox

I really liked the rubber feet on the bottom of the chair. While it suggests using on flat terrain, that’s not always possible. I have never felt like I was going to sink or slid or felt unstable in this chair.

I am really enjoying the Helinox Camp Chair. The trade-off for a comfortable chair v.s. the weight of it is manageable for the short day / weekend trips that we take. There are smaller more light weight chairs out there for you long distance trekkers.

Some of the places I have or you could use this hair helinoxwould be for bank fishing, at the beach, kids soccer game, tailgating,  outdoor music venues. Its small and light weight enough that you should never be without a place to sit.

I would 100% recommend you make the investment in the Helinox Camp Chair.


What do you sit on?

Disclosure: I own this product and purchased it using my own funds.




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