Here Comes the Dutch Man with His Oven’s

Here Comes the Dutch Man with His Oven’s

Camping is a way that we can step back in time and visit our ancestors. We unplug and become self-sufficient and primitive. It allows us to relate and imagine what being a pioneer on the trail could have been like. Sleeping under the stars, cooking over an open campfire while spending quality fooduninterrupted time with or family….Relaxing

Cooking outdoors is one thing that hasn’t changed to much over the years. Cast Iron, open flames and grills are still used today similar to the way our ancestors used them. A cast iron dutch oven is a favorite camp cooking accessory. Soup to bread all made at a campsite.

The dutch oven was once call the black pot or cauldron. Columbus actually brought black posts with him and pilgrims used them.  Later they were sold by traveling traders, and when folks saw him coming they would say “Here comes the Dutchman with his ovens” ……Dutch Oven

Using a Dutch oven can be very rewarding if you have the correct tools.



           Dutch Oven Checklistfood                           

                                  ___ Dutch Ovens
                               ___ Lid Lifter
                               ___ Lid Rest
                               ___ Dutch Oven Trivet
                               ___ Long Tongs
                               ___ Gloves
                               ___ Paper Towels
                               ___ Dutch Oven Scraper
                               ___ Spray bottle of oil
                               ___ Don’t forget the Food!


The Best Dutch Oven Recipes



S’Mores Cake over at Polkadot Chair

I mean REALLY!!! No explanation needed.









Campfire Nachos from Fresh Off the Grid

Who can’t smile over hot bubbly cheesy goodness







Beef Stew   From About Travel                    

Love a warm meal after a Fall / Winter hike!








dutch oven


Johnny Appleseed Cake from Everyday Dutch Oven

What an incredible website dedicated to Dutch oven Cooking






Take Care of your Dutch Oven

Proper care of your Dutch Oven will help it last for years. I cook with one of my great-grandmothers cast irons and it is wonderful. Things to remember:

  • No Soap- Soap gets in to the grooves and can actually make your food taste like it.
  • Use a scrapper and then wash with hot water
  • Completely dry your cast iron so it will not rust. Sometimes I stick mine back in the oven or over an open flame to make sure it’s dry.
  • Spread oil over cooking surface before you store it away. This will keep it properly seasoned.

So now you have a tool to channel your inner pioneer

What Dutch Oven Recipe Will You Try?


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